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Industrial Solenoid Valve-Normally Closed

Industrial Solenoid Valve-Normally Closed

Industrial Solenoid Valve-Normally Closed

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Industrial Solenoid Valve-Normally Closed Features

When the electricity is cut off, the normally closed type is closed. When the coil is electrified, it will produce electromagnetic force, the moving iron core can control the spring force and open the valve directly with the static iron core, and the medium is open; when the coil is cut off, the electromagnetic force will vanish. The moving iron core is reset under the action of spring force, it will directly close the valve, and the medium is not open. The structure is simple and the action is reliable, it can work normally under zero differential pressure and micro vacuum. When the solenoid valve needs to close for a long time, and the closing time is more than opening time. And when the opening duration is not so long, the normally closed type can be selected.

The operating principle is: after the electrifying, the electromagnetic force generated by the solenoid valve coil makes the closure member be lifted from the valve seat; when the power is cut off, the valve will be automatically closed.
When gas leakage is found in gas pipeline or kitchen gas equipment and a certain concentration is reached in the room, after receiving the gas concentration signal, the alarm will shut off the power supply of the shut-off valve, and the gas source will be cut off, so as to prevent accidents and achieve safety

Usage and maintenance of normally closed solenoid valve:

1. Open the upper cover after the installation of emergency shut-off valve according to the above instructions. Pull up the manual reset handle. Keep the emergency shut-off valve open. After the upper cover is covered, the solenoid valve can be used normally.
2. The solenoid valve is an important device to ensure your safe use of gas. The user shall check and inspect the solenoid valve regularly (every 6 months) from the date of initial inspection. The methods are as follows:
3. (1) Open the upper cover, press the top handle of the emergency shut-off valve, then pull it up and repeat it several times to make the solenoid valve in open state.
(2) Carry out brushing and leakage test on the whole solenoid valve with suds. If there is no bubble, the solenoid valve works normally. After covering the upper cover, the solenoid valve can be used normally.
(3) If bubbles are found in solenoid valve during the brushing and leakage test, it shall be handled according to the following methods:
A. Close the intake cut-off valve of the gas pipeline immediately.
B. Open the doors and windows for ventilation.
C. Do not open or cut off the switch of electrical products.
D. Do not pull attaching plugs of electrical products from the jack.
E. Do not use telephone at the site, including mobile communication equipment.
F. Stay away from the site timely, and use public phone or mobile phone for repair.

Main technical parameters

1.Applicable gases: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas and other non-corrosive gases .
2.Rated voltage: AC220V±10%V.
3.Standby power: <0.5W.
4.Output method: energy storage closure type
5.Cut off time: <1 second.
6.Operating temperature (environment): - 20 ℃ ~  60 ℃.
7.Nominal diameter: DN15-DN500
8.Nominal pressure: 1.6 Mpa.
9.Maximum working pressure:≤1.6MPa
10.Explosion-proof mark: ExmbII T6
11.Outlet length: One meter
12.Sealing material: NBR
13.Valve body material: aluminum alloy and cast steel (DN250-DN500) 

Product Features:

1.Encapsulation Explosion: Fundamentally eliminate sparks, more stable and reliable;
2.Open valve mode: manual reset, to avoid accidents;
3.Maintain the way: can open the valve and off the valve state stable operation that is bistable;
4.Valve closed method: Power-off automatic valve closing, external control signal automatic and manual valve closing
5.Off valve speed: within1 seconds to cut off the gas source;
6.Strong earthquake off valve: In case of strong vibration, the valve can be closed;
7.Independent decompression: when the pressure difference between the front and rear valves is too large, turn on the atmospheric valve before opening the valve, so that the gas will not be discharged into the atmosphere and the hidden danger is eliminated.
8.Zero pressure difference valve closing: the valve closing action can be realized when the front and rear pressure difference is 0, so as to avoid the non action of valve during micro leakage
9.Sealed form: Multi-stage sealing;
10.External iron core: iron core placed in the gas environment, can effectively prevent the adsorption of impurities to seal failure;
11.Sealing features: the more pressure the more tight seal, the valve can be guaranteed in more stable working conditions;
12.Reliable action: can maintain more than 10 years of effective action.

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