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Household Solenoid Valve DN20

Household Solenoid Valve DN20

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Household Solenoid Valve DN20 Features

DN20 (G3/4”) is another type of home solenoid valve, which is larger than DN15 and is a pipe thread connection. Now many high-rise residential and smart communities will use the solenoid valve and household gas alarm, usually installed in the Into the gas pipeline to prevent gas leaks and avoid explosion and poisoning accidents, this DN20 model home solenoid valve is used in homes at a rate of 10%.

The 3/4" model solenoid valve has a nominal outer diameter of φ25mm. Each of the solenoid valves produced by our company is inspected. The solenoid valve looks small and simple, but the required raw materials are various: steel, super tough Nylon, plastic, coil, iron core, etc. We carefully select each material to ensure the quality. In the production process, we have process inspection; after the product is finished, we have terminal inspection; finally we need to conduct air tightness test and Action reliability testing to ensure that every product entering the market is of the highest quality.

Fault and Treatment of Electronic Natural Gas Emergency Shut Off Solenoid Valve

Natural gas emergency shut off solenoid valve will have some faults after using for a period of time or just starting to install, such as inactive power, coil burning, valve core closure being not strict, etc. There are many reasons for these faults, such as: installation error, power supply voltage problem, mechanical fault of solenoid valve itself, and so on.

The specific causes of the failure and the corresponding solutions are as follows:

Firstly, check whether the working environment of the electronic natural gas solenoid valve has changed or is beyond the scope of the gas solenoid valve itself, mainly including
1. Voltage: High and low voltage will cause unstable operation of emergency shut off gas solenoid valve.
2. Temperature: Too high or too low temperature will also cause electronic natural gas solenoid valve cannot work properly.
3. Medium properties: including medium temperature, viscosity and so on.

Secondly, check whether the eletronical natural gas solenoid valve's power outlet is in good contact with the problem or not, and if it is needed to re-wiring.

Thirdly, check whether the installation of eletronic natural gas solenoid valve has problems, such as the direction of installation.

Fourthly: check whether the physical structure of the gas solenoid valve has changed, or whether the parts of the solenoid valve have been damaged, such as the falling off of the welding place or loosening between the parts.

Fifthly: check whether the gas solenoid valve is blocked by debris. It needs to be disassembled and cleaned. In addition, after cleaning, filter screen can be equipped for the solenoid valve to avoid debris re-entering the valve.

Sixthly: detecting whether the coil of gas solenoid valve has short circuit, if there is such a situation, please replace the coil in time.

Sevenly: if it is a newly purchased emergency gas shut off solenoid valve, it may be the wrong choice of model. Please re-check the actual working environment and the scope of the solenoid valve.

Household Solenoid Valve DN20 Styles

Sample of Household Solenoid Valve DN20

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