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Household Solenoid Valve DN15

Household Solenoid Valve DN15

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Household Solenoid Valve DN15 Features

DN15 (G1/2 ") gas solenoid valve , the nominal outer diameter is generally φ20mm. It is mainly suitable for homes, apartments and other places where the gas consumption is small. The working pressure of general household solenoid valves does not exceed 100kpa. Many peers can do up to 10kpa, and Our company can achieve 50-100kpa.1/2" market demand is particularly large, our regular inventory is about 200,000. The solenoid valves we produce are mainly made of brass and aluminum. The corrosion resistance of brass is better than that of aluminum.The emergency gas shut off solenoid valve is used with the gas leakage alarm. When the kitchen in the home is out of repair due to aging, the gas valve will automatically shut down within 0.3 seconds, and the gas source will be cut off. The flute sends an alarm to remind people at home to ensure the safety of the family's life and property.

Installation and Operation of Household Solenoid Valve DN15

1. First of all, check whether the working environment of solenoid gas valve  meets the working conditions, including temperature, pressure, media properties, etc. Check whether the components of emergency gas shut off solenoid valve are lack of structural stability. Generally, coils are in the same direction as horizontal pipes except for special models. For beginners, please check the instructions carefully before installing.

2. Check the working environment and the cleanliness of internal parts, so that no visible sundries can be seen. If there are large sundries getting into the solenoid valve in the working hours, it will cause certain damage to the solenoid valve.

3. Install pressure gauge in key parts of explosion-proof gas solenoid valve . And pay attention to monitoring the pipeline pressure of emergency gas shut off solenoid valve, once exceeding the standard, corresponding measures should be taken in time to avoid unnecessary losses caused by accidents.

4. When installing the solenoid gas control valve, it should been seen that the arrow mark is on the valve body, which indicates the direction of medium transmission. Of course, it can be ignored in special circumstances.

5. Solenoid gas control valves generally have two types: normally open and normally closed, which cannot be used interchangeably. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to solenoid valves and reduces the service life of solenoid valves.

6. Emergency shut off solenoid gas valve are divided into normal closed and open type, do not misuse them, because misusing will damage the solenoid valve. It's better to set up bypass for troubleshooting in case of emergency.

Different media is suitable for gas solenoid valves of different materials, so that they can be used reasonably to maximize their benefits. When selecting gas solenoid valve, working conditions should be reported in time, so as to select a correct and reasonable model.

Household Solenoid Valve DN15 Styles

Sample of Household Solenoid Valve DN15

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