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Household Solenoid Valve

Household Solenoid Valve

Household Solenoid Valve

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Household Solenoid Valve Features


A gas solenoid valve is an electromechanical valve used to control gas flow rate.  The solenoid valve is mainly composed of two major parts: the actuator and the valve body. The outer part of the actuator is wrapped with super-tough nylon, and the inner part is composed of a coil assembly and a core assembly. There are two main body materials: aluminum alloy and brass alloy. After the valve assembly is completed, we will conduct multiple air tightness and motion reliability tests before leaving the factory. To ensure that the solenoid valve does not leak internally or externally; the switch is flexible and closed tightly. Confirm the quality of a good product before we sell it.

Main technical parameters:

1.Applicable gases: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, artificial gas and other non-corrosive gases .
2.Methods of closing valve: DC pulse drive/manual.
3.The way of Connection: DN15 for G1 / 2 " or G3/4”thread
4.Drive voltage: DC9V ~ DC18V.
5.Cut off time: <0.3 second.
6.Path: DN15/DN20
7.Operating temperature (environment): - 20 ℃ ~  60 ℃.
8.Relative humidity: ≤93%.
9.Maximum working pressure:≤ 100kPa
10.Explosion-proof mark: ExmbII T6
11.Sealing material: NBR.

Product Features:

  • Encapsulation Explosion: Fundamentally eliminate sparks, more stable and reliable;
  • Open valve mode: manual reset, to avoid accidents;
  • Maintain the way: can open the valve and off the valve state stable operation that is bistable;
  • Off valve speed: within 0.3 seconds to cut off the gas source;
  • Strong earthquake off valve: In case of strong vibration, the valve can be closed;
  • Sealed form: three sealed form;
  • External iron core: iron core placed in the gas environment, can effectively prevent the adsorption of impurities to seal failure;
  • Forged valve: Can withstand high torque without cracking
  • Sealing features: the more pressure the more tight seal, the valve can be guaranteed in more stable working conditions;
  • Reliable action: can maintain more than 10 years of effective action.
  • Principle: The solenoid valve skillfully uses the interaction of instantaneous electromagnetic force, permanent electromagnetic force of the coil and the spring force to realize the automatic holding functions of pulse-driven valve closing and manual valve opening.
  • Drive principle of valve closing: driven by instantaneous DC pulse current (DC9-12V/ls)
  • Example: schematic diagram for capacity discharge drive circuit

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