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Gas Leak Alarm

Gas Leak Alarm

Gas Leak Alarm

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Gas Leak Alarm Features

Gas leakage alarm is a very important gas safety equipment, and is the last protection for the safe use of city gas. It can detect the low concentration combustible gas in the surrounding environment by the gas sensor, and produce chemical reaction or electrochemical reaction on the surface of the sensor by sampling circuit, which can cause the change of the electrophysical characteristics of the sensor. It can be used individually or used with the control network, and it can also connect the exhaust fan, solenoid valve, acousto-optic alarm and automatic reset. Its working power is 220VAC.

Household gas alarm

Household gas alarm is a small gas safety precaution product suitable for families use, which is usually installed in kitchens. The core of the gas alarm is the detector. When the detector detects that the gas concentration reaches the alarm set value, the signal will be output to the gas alarm. The gas alarm sends out the acousto-optic alarm and can display the gas concentration or start the external linkage equipment (such as exhaust fan and solenoid valve). It can effectively avoid the explosion, fire, poisoning and other malignant accidents caused by gas leakage, and has been widely used in most countries or regions in the world. Some cities in developed countries have vigorously promoted and even forced the installation of gas alarms, such as Tokyo, Osaka in Japan, Seoul in South Korea and Hamburg in Germany. At present, more than 80% of the households have installed various gas alarms. The domestic gas alarm has been developed in Japan for more than 30 years. The Japanese government and the production enterprises have vigorously promoted the use of domestic gas alarm, this is one of the important reasons why the accident rate of gas leakage and explosion in Japan is far lower than the European and American countries, and the domestic gas alarm has become a necessity for family life.

Gas Leak Alarm Styles

Sample of Gas Leak Alarm

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