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DN65 Solenoid Operated Gas Safety Shut Off Valves

DN65 Solenoid Operated Gas Safety Shut Off Valves

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DN65 Solenoid Operated Gas Safety Shut Off Valves Features

2"1/2 solenoid valve are highly engineered and electronically operated devices that can be used in many diverse and unique system applications. Solenoid valves in Qsky are mostly used to control the flow of gases. The valve is used to replace a manual valve and in applications where remote control is desirable. The solenoid valve is controlled by electrical current which is run through a coil. The coil is energized creating a magnetic field causing a plunger inside the coil to move. Moving while energized it closes off the orifice in the body, stopping flow through the valve. Similarly, when the coil is de-energized, a magnetic field is produced, raising the plunger and allowing flow through the valve.

Solenoid Operated Gas Safety Shut Off Valves Principle

Natural gas emergency shut off valve makes full use of the interaction among instantaneous electromagnetic force, permanent magnet force and spring force, through efficient magnetic circuit design and precise processing, realizinng low-voltage DC pulse drive valve closing, manual valve opening and self-retaining function of switching state.

Characteristics of Natural Gas Emergency Shut Off Valve

Pouring and sealing explosion-proof: it radically eliminates sparks, installs gas management without security risks, so it will not become a source of detonation;
Opening mode: manual reset, opening valve must be operated manually on site, which accords with the characteristics of gas accident treatment;
Requirements for valve closing: Low voltage DC driving valve closing;
Closing speed: gas source can be cut off within 1 second;
Valve closing control: low energy consumption, instantaneous drive, support fire standby mode of work, in accordance with fire control specifications (with the controller);
Signal output: On two shut-off control lines, the characteristic signal of valve switch state feedback can be output;
Maintain mode: self-keep on/off state, no electricity;
Manual shutoff: When power is cut off, it is used as a manual shutoff valve.
Strong Shock Shut-off Valve: It can adjust the holding force of the opening state to meet the requirement of automatic shut-off under strong and harmful vibration;
Reliable sealing: multi-stage sealing measures are adopted in structure, precise processing to ensure air tightness and safety; special NBR/FKM rubber (designed according to gas type) is used in materials, aging in urban gas environment for 10 years;
Reliable operation: 20,000 faultless actuator switches.

Industrial Solenoid Valve Parameters:

Applicable media: natural gas, liquefied gas and artificial gas
Sealing materials: NBR rubber, FKM rubber
Valve body material: brass alloy, aluminium alloy
Use ambient temperature: - 10℃ ~60℃
Closing time: <1 second

DN65 Solenoid Operated Gas Safety Shut Off Valves Styles

Sample of DN65 Solenoid Operated Gas Safety Shut Off Valves

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