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DN50 Gas Emergency Shut Off Solenoid Valves

DN50 Gas Emergency Shut Off Solenoid Valves

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DN50 Gas Emergency Shut Off Solenoid Valves Features

2" solenoid valves are more common in the natural gas industry. Various types of solenoid valves can be found everywhere in the pipeline installation of natural gas companies.The solenoid valve controls the flow of gas to ensure safe and proper circulation of natural gas. What a solenoid valve does is use a plunger to open or close the valve, either allowing the gas to flow through or sealing it off without any leaks. When a normally closed solenoid valve is not powered, the plunger is down, effectively sealing the valve and preventing the flow of gas. Once the normally closed solenoid valve is powered or energized, the magnetic field causes the plunger to rise. This unseals the valve and allows the flow of gas to pass through.

Reasons for Switching Delay of Gas Emergency Shut Off Solenoid Valves

The response speed of gas emergency shut off solenoid valve is a very important index which affects the performance of solenoid valve. Especially in some occasions where there are strict requirements for time and frequency, the response speed of solenoid valve must be controlled within 0.05s. The engineer of Qsky refers to a series of domestic and foreign data, and summarizes the influence of the switch speed of gas emergency shut off solenoid valve. The three main factors are the spool, circuit and remanence. The switching process of the solenoid valve is to drive the spool to move through the electromagnetic force and spring reset force to achieve the opening and closing of the valve.

Reasons for delay:
(1) Motion delay of spool
Because of the existence of the quality of the stainless steel solenoid valve spool, there is inertia force in the movement process of the valve spool, resulting in motion delay. The method to reduce the motion delay is to increase the driving force and reduce the spool mass.

(2) Circuit Delay
According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, because of the existence of coil inductance, the coil current cannot immediately rise to the maximum value, so that the electromagnetic force cannot be raised quickly when the valve is opened, and the friction force and spring force cannot be overcome thus the valve core can be opened quickly. Similarly, when the valve is closed, the spring cannot immediately overcome the electromagnetic force that has not yet dropped, resulting in current delay. The time parameter_=L/R is related to the resistance, voltage and relative permeability of the coil.

(3) Hysteresis delay
Because of the remanence caused by hysteresis and the existence of eddy current in the magnetic circuit, there is loss in the working process of the gas emergency shut off solenoid valve, which also affects the switching speed of the solenoid gas valve.

DN50 Gas Emergency Shut Off Solenoid Valves Styles

Sample of DN50 Gas Emergency Shut Off Solenoid Valves

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