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DN40 Natural Gas Emergency Shut Off Valve

DN40 Natural Gas Emergency Shut Off Valve

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DN40 Natural Gas Emergency Shut Off Valve Features

We provide the highest quality solenoid valves designed to control the flow of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas and other non-corrosive gases used in combustion applications such as: industrial furnaces, ovens, kilns, incinerators, burners and boilers.

Structure and Working Principle of DN40 Natural Gas Emergency Shut Off Valve

The solenoid parts of the natural gas emergency shut off valve are composed of fixed iron core, moving iron core, coil, etc. The valve body is composed of sliding valve core, sliding valve sleeve, spring base, etc. The solenoid coil is directly mounted on the valve body, and the valve body is sealed in the sealing pipe to form a simple and compact combination. The commonly used atural gas emergency shut off valves in our production are stainless steel solenoid valves, explosion-proof solenoid valves, high-pressure solenoid valves, high-temperature solenoid valves, pulse solenoid valves, gas solenoid valves, hydraulic solenoid valves, steam solenoid valves, gas solenoid valves, self-retaining solenoid valves, vacuum solenoid valves, water solenoid valves, miniature solenoid valves, direct-acting solenoid valve, solenoid valve coil, etc. Here we first talk about the meaning of the 2-way: for the solenoid valve, it is live and power loss, for the control of the valve, it is open and closed.

The atural gas emergency shut off valve is composed of valve body, valve cover, electromagnetic components, spring and sealing structure. The sealing block at the bottom of the moving iron core closes the valve body inlet with the help of spring pressure. After electrification, the electromagnet is sucked in, the air outlet is closed by the spring sealing block on the upper part of the moving iron core, and the air flow enters the film head from the intake port, thus playing a controlling role. When power failure occurs, the electromagnetic force disappears, the moving iron core leaves the fixed iron core under the action of spring force, moves downward, opens the exhaust port, blockades the intake port, discharges the film head air through the exhaust port, and restores the original position of the diaphragm.

When the current passes through the coil, it generates excitation, fixes the core and pulls the core together, and moves the core to drive the sliding spool and compress the spring, which changes the position of the spool and thus changes the direction of the fluid. When the coil is out of power, the sliding spool is driven by the elastic force of the spring, and the iron core is pushed back to make the fluid flow in the original direction.

DN40 Natural Gas Emergency Shut Off Valve Styles

Sample of DN40 Natural Gas Emergency Shut Off Valve

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