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DN40 Gas Shut Off Solenoid Valve

DN40 Gas Shut Off Solenoid Valve

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DN40 Gas Shut Off Solenoid Valve Features

Installation instructions for DN40 Gas Shut Off Solenoid Valve

1. When installing, the solenoid valve coil should be up and kept in horizontal position. The arrow or marking on the gas shut off solenoid valve should be in line with the flow direction of the pipeline.
2. Pipeline must be cleaned before installation of solenoid valve. It is recommended to install filters in front of valves.
3. The working medium of the gas shut off solenoid valve should be clean without particle impurities. The dirt and filters on the surface of the inner parts of the solenoid valve should be cleaned regularly.
4. Before installing solenoid valves, we should pay attention to the product label, read the instructions carefully, and judge whether the product meets the use conditions.
5. When the gas shut off solenoid valve fails, in order to isolate the solenoid valve in time and ensure the normal operation of the system, it is better to install bypass devices.
6. In the pipeline system, the diameter of the solenoid valve installed on the branch should be smaller than that of the main pipe valve.
7. The common type of natural gas shut off valve cannot be used in special dangerous occasions. For special environment, select the corresponding explosion-proof electromagnetic valve.
8. Pressure gauges should be installed on the pipes before and after solenoid valves in order to observe the pressure of pipes.
9. Under the circumstance of insufficient rigidity of pipeline, it is suggested to fix the pipeline in front of valve with bracket so as to avoid vibration caused by solenoid valve working.
10. Gas shut off solenoid valves are generally directional, and cannot be reversed to indicate the direction of media flow. They are usually installed in the body and according to the installation direction. However, in vacuum pipelines or in exceptional cases, the installation can be reversed.
11. If the fluid will come from the water hammer, the function of the water hammer gas shut off solenoid valve should be used or some appropriate preventive measures should be taken.
12. Try not to let the time in the electrified state be too long, so that it is easy to reduce the life of the coil or even burn the coil, that is to say, the normally open and closed solenoid valves cannot be used interchangeably.

DN40 Gas Shut Off Solenoid Valve Styles

Sample of DN40 Gas Shut Off Solenoid Valve

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