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DN32 Gas Solenoid Shut Off Valve

DN32 Gas Solenoid Shut Off Valve

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DN32 Gas Solenoid Shut Off Valve Features

1" 1/4 solenoid valve can also be called DN32 solenoid valve. Read the product's instruction manual carefully before installation, check whether the product fully meets the requirements for use, familiar with the installation points, and prepare for it. When taking over, please note that the sealing material is not available. Excessive use. For threaded connection, the take-up thread should be kept within the effective length and chamfered with a file at the end half-pitch, and the sealing tape is wound from the end of the 2 teeth, otherwise the excess sealing tape or adhesive Will enter the gas solenoid shut off valve, and an accident that interferes with normal operation will occur. To confirm, there is a leak in the solenoid valve itself and its connection with the nozzle.

Gas Solenoid Shut Off Valve Coil Fault Check and Removal

There are many kinds of gas solenoid shut off valves according to their structure and function, such as controlling gas and liquid (like oil and water), but most of them are coil sleeves on the valve body, which can be separated. The valve core is made of ferromagnetic materials. The magnetic force generated by the gas solenoid shut off valve when the coil is electrified pulls the valve core, and the valve core pushes the valve to complete the switch.

When the coil of natural gas solenoid valve is in working state (electrified), the core is absorbed to form a closed magnetic circuit. That is, when the inductance is in the maximum state of design. Its heating is normal, but when the core is electrified, it cannot be sucked smoothly, the inductance of the coil decreases, the impedance decreases, and the current increases correspondingly, which leads to the coil current being too large and the lifetime being affected. Therefore, oil pollution, impurities, deformation and so on hinder the activity of the core, make its action slow when electrifying, or even make it cannot be absorbed completely normally, which makes the coil often in a state of less impedance than normal when energized, which is the factor that causes coil heating.

With the resistance of the multimeter solenoid valve, the resistance of the coil should be about 1K ohm. If the resistance of the coil is infinite, it means that the circuit is broken. If the resistance of the coil tends to zero, it means that the short circuit is short-circuited, the new coil should be replaced.

The magnetic force of gas solenoid shut off valve coil is related to the diameter and turns of coil and the magnetic conduction area of magnet steel, that is, magnetic flux. DC electromagnetic coil can be pulled from the core; AC coil cannot be pulled from the core, which will lead to a surge in coil current, burning the coil. There is a short circuit ring inside the iron core of the AC coil to reduce the vibration. No short-circuit ring is needed in the core of DC coil.

DN32 Gas Solenoid Shut Off Valve Styles

Sample of DN32 Gas Solenoid Shut Off Valve

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