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DN25 Electric Natural Gas Shut Off Valve

DN25 Electric Natural Gas Shut Off Valve

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DN25 Electric Natural Gas Shut Off Valve Features

1" solenoid valves are usually used in industrial places, or in main pipes of apartments. According to the different pipe size requirements, choose the corresponding type of solenoid valve. This type of solenoid valve has two connection methods: threaded connection and flange connection. Choose your own solenoid valve with different connection methods.

Special Electric Natural Gas Shut Off Valve for Natural Gas

Valve body material: brass, cast steel WCB, stainless steel 304
Nominal Path: DN25;
Connection mode: flange
Power supply voltage: AC24~AC220V, DC12V~DC24V;
Special media: natural gas, gas, oil, water, gas or liquid, etc.;
Use temperature: 0-80℃, 0-200℃;
Nominal pressure: 0-1.6 mpq, 3 mpa, 2-30 mpa, 50 mpa, 100 MPa;
Structural Type: Direct Piston Type, Pilot Piston Type;
Control Functions: Normally Open
Explosion-proof grade: ExdIICT4, ExdIICT5, ExdIICT6

Product overview: electric natural gas shut off valve solenoid valves for natural gas are used in gas pipeline network, city gas, liquefied petroleum gas, gas filling station, engine, diesel engine, welding and cutting, solar energy equipment, hotel equipment, cleaning equipment, machinery manufacturing industry, and it is also mainly used in major gas companies and gas automatic control system.

Characteristics of Electric Emergency Shut Off Valves specially designed for natural gas:

1. Distributed diaphragm type, pilot piston type
2. Zero-pressure start-up, large flow and zero leakage
3. Wide application, convenient maintenance and affordable price

DN25 Electric Natural Gas Shut Off Valve Styles

Sample of DN25 Electric Natural Gas Shut Off Valve

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