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DN100 Solenoid Valve for Gas

DN100 Solenoid Valve for Gas

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DN100 Solenoid Valve for Gas Features

DN100 4" solenoid valves are also available in different categories, normally open and normally closed. There are many valve design variations. Ordinary valves can have many ports and fluid paths. A 2-way valve, for example, has 2 ports; if the valve is open, then the two ports are connected and fluid may flow between the ports; if the valve is closed, then ports are isolated. If the valve is open when the solenoid is not energized, then the valve is termed normally open. Similarly, if the valve is closed when the solenoid is not energized, then the valve is termed normally closed.

Characteristics of normally open gas solenoid valves

Normally opene gas solenoid valves need only one ring, so that the piston can stretch freely. Metal piston and valve chamber do not produce direct grinding, so their piston life is long; coil is not easy to burn, its sealing performance is better. The arc cone is sealed with the plane, so it is leak-free. After long-term shutdown, the piston will not be jammed by impurities in the medium and will not move. It can be used more than 100,000 times, achieveing the functions of long life, strict, universal and sensitive in an all-round way.

Troubles and troubleshooting of normally open gas solenoid valves:

I. Normally open solenoid valve for gas do not work after electrification.
Check whether the power connection is not in good reconnect.
--If not, rewiring and Connection of Connectors.

Check whether the power supply voltage is in the working range.
--If not, adjust the normal position range.

Check whether the coil is detached.
--If not, re-welded.

Check whether there is a short circuit of coil.
--If it is, replace the coil.

Check whether the working pressure difference is inappropriate.
--If it is, adjust the pressure difference or replace the commensurate open solenoid valve.

Check whether the fluid temperature is excessive.
--If it is, replace the equivalent normally open solenoid valve for gas.

The main valve core and moving iron core of the normally opened gas solenoid valve are stuck by impurities cleaned.
--Clean and replace the seal and install the filter if the seal is damaged.

The liquid viscosity is too high, the frequency is too high and the service life has reached.
--Replace the product.

II. Other circumstances

Internal  leakage
--Check whether the seal is damaged and whether the spring is not assembled properly

Outer leakage
--Loose connection or failed seal
--Tighten screw or replace seal

There is noise when electrifying
--The firmness on the head is loosened, then it needs to be tightened.
--Voltage fluctuation is not within the allowable range, then it needs to adjust the voltage well.
--Iron core suction surface impurities or uneven, then it needs timely cleaning or replacement.

DN100 Solenoid Valve for Gas Styles

Sample of DN100 Solenoid Valve for Gas

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