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Aluminium Solenoid Valve

Aluminium Solenoid Valve

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Aluminium Solenoid Valve Features

Aluminum household solenoid valves are lighter than brass solenoid valves and are inexpensive. It is used in places including: home, commercial area, kitchen, restaurant, industrial, gas station, etc. The product has the function of rapid shutoff and has the advantages of good sealing property, low power consumption, high sensitivity, reliable action, small volume and use convenience. The valve shall be opened manually by manual intervention, conforming to the safety management standards and meet the accident handling characteristics.

Aluminum body solenoid valves characteristics

Household aluminum emergency shut off solenoid valve is a new type of safety matching device for gas pipeline. It is installed in the matching use of domestic gas pipeline and combustible gas alarm. When the beneficial flammable gas is stored in the surrounding environment of the alarm and reaches the predetermined concentration, the alarm will send out warning sound, at the same time, it will cut off the pulse signal urgently and automatically cut off the gas supply of the pipeline to ensure personal and property safety.

Technical parameters of household aluminum emergency shut off solenoid valve

Product structure: direct drive
Nominal pressure: 1.0 Mpa
Working pressure difference: 0 to 0.05 Mpa
Working medium: non-corrosive liquids such as gas, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas
Medium Temperature: - 15 to 60℃
Closing time: <1 second
Control mode: uninterrupted input or pulsed electromagnetic force

Aluminum solenoid valve working principle

Cut-off valve is a normally open pulse triggered aluminum solenoid valve, which has the function of accident self-locking and manual reset.

1. Cut-off valve is open normally in daily work. Electromagnetic coil is in short open state and does not consume electric energy.
2. When an accident occurs, the coil of the cut-off valve is instantaneously energized, triggering the quick closure of the cut-off valve, which will not automatically open again.
3. When the air source is re-connected, the reset rod is artificially lifted upward again, and when a "click" is heard, it indicates that the valve has been opened. At this time, the valve will not be opened or cut off. Then open the valve and restore the gas supply.

Aluminium Solenoid Valve Styles

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